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MR1—Open Source Document Control Software
A full featured web based Document Control system for use by engineering and manufacturing companies who need to archive and control Bills of Materials, schematics, software and other documents.
It is written entirely using PHP with postgreSQL as the backend on Linux. Unlike Agile, this is an Open Source solution, and therefore may be freely used and distributed under the Gnu Public License (GPL).
Features include (but are not limited to):
  • part storage
  • bills of materials (BOMs)
  • available vendors
  • document storage
  • document approval process
  • parts approval process
  • vendor approval process
  • engineering change orders (ECO)
  • NCMRs (NonConforming Material Report)
  • CPARs (Corrective and Preventive Action Reporting)
  • storage of meeting minutes
  • notifications
  • upload of (external) text bill of materials (BOMs)
  • export capabilities
  • user database and internal security management
The company for which MR1 was written was deemed ISO 9001 compliant, which means the document control system is approved. MR1 effectively tracks history of BOMs and ECOs, effective dates, revision history, etc.
Download MR1 Download
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